List of Things Citizens Want from the Government

We are so surrounded by debates over which government official is right that we often fail to see the picture clearly. We are divided by our own values and wishes. But at the end of the day, whether we are rich or poor, we all want the same things from the government. It does not matter how much we disagree with one another. See below:

Justice: Some public policies make losers and winners. Think about what happens when sales tax goes up. This does not always hurt the rich. But for poor, it is a burden. Citizens wish government would be fairer with decisions.

Trust: Citizens want government to be trustworthy. They do not want lies. They do not want the government to break promises.

Value for money: Citizens do not want their tax money to be wasted by the government. They do not want them to go in useless causes.

Safety: All cities must have enough law enforcement officers. Citizens want government to reduce crime rates.

Access: Citizens want the government to be transparent about decisions and programs.

Democracy: Citizens want the government to promote their values and interests. They also wish to participate in public decision making agendas.

Accommodation: Think about DMV's. The lines are always long there. Think about general hospitals. Unless it is an emergency, there is no way one can get an early appointment there. Citizens want government to make things convenient.

Sound economy: Economy can make or break a country. Citizens want government to make sure economy is always stable.

Peaceful: Citizens do not want the government to turn into a tyrant. Citizens do not want their freedom to be manipulated by government for fictional reasons.

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