Hidden Meanings of Liberal, Conservative and Radical

When we hear about liberal and conservative the first thing that comes in our head is the political system. We have two parties in United States known as Democrat and Republican. Their ideologies are marked as liberal and conservative respectively. When it comes to radical we think of extremists because the media has somewhat conditioned us to believe it in this way through constant blabbering. In cultures also, people utilize them. Those who like to think of themselves as open minded will often say they are liberal.

Meanwhile, those who are all about the culture will call themselves conservative. Since radicalism is shown as bad by the media, no average human wishes to be symbolized by it. Did you know that no matter how much you call yourself liberal you can be both conservative and radical? Actually, according to philosophy, humans are all of them. The reactions to situations make us liberal, conservative or radical. This is how it goes:


Sure it means being open-minded, but this is not exactly the way philosophy defines it. Its true meaning is going with the flow. In other words, Liberals want what works. Compromise is their keyword.

You are liberal every time you have no complaint about your surroundings. In brutal way, this is linked to the idea of allowing atrocity to happen while the mind turns mutable to surrender to it. Think of it as eyes wide shut. That is why, the normal idea of being liberal is said to be free of thoughts on equality and justice.

Examples of liberal behavior
  • Your professor is extremely harsh and unfair. You have been its victim, but you decide to just refrain from taking action against him. You still take his classes.
  • You are satisfied with the way things are going.


Generally, conservatives believe we should do what the culture says. But deep down inside they just want to conserve values. Psychologically, they prefer familiar places and people. Changes send them jolts. Conservative mind is usually very stubborn.

You are conservative whenever you feel something is worthy of your honor. You hold it close to your heart. However, certain changes make you feel you threatened and miserable. You do not wish them to occur at all. Bottom line is that conservatives have fear towards changes.

Examples of conservative behavior
  • Tragedy has direct link to being conservative because it is something that changed your story in a bad way and you did not want this change to take place.
  • You are madly in love with your romantic partner. You wish to marry her because marriage in your mind is something of great value.


Now this last one is most interesting. Radical, in general sense, has nothing to do with fundamentalism. Its true meaning is bringing changes suddenly and drastically to restore justice and equality. These changes are so unique that those who are used to what is ordinary find them shocking.To be clear, a mind becomes radical when it learns of something fair that it lacks, but wants. There is no time to wait for it. It must be achieved as soon as possible.

Example of radical behavior
  • You come to know that your employer is not doing anything about safety concern at your workplace. You consider it injustice. Hence, you decide to bring an end to it by going on strike with your colleagues. 
  • You introduce a new product which can completely take care of the problems of at home flee infestation.

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