Detailed Advantages of School Uniform Policy

Implementation of school uniform policy is not easy. Court battles have been fought to stop it. The matter is even made political. Despite this, it is hard to ignore the various advantages that this policy brings to schools and students.

1. It dramatically reduces offenses in school
Most studies show students in uniform attract less physical fights, discipline referrals and police reports. Meanwhile, schools get to see a decreased rate in vandalism and gang related activities. This tells us that school uniforms save lives and eliminate much headache tied to monitoring students through other expensive methods.

2. It helps students blend in
One of the main arguments of the anti-uniform group is that children should be allowed to express themselves in school through fashion. This is the opposite of what reality shows. In schools, students who dress with such objective are usually shunned. Good example of this is someone choosing to go goth. In school, this person is forced to be with handful of those who make the same choice. None can avoid criticism from the teachers. As for the rest, they go for what is in vogue. The truth is that very few kids understand the connection between fashion and expression. They want to get along with each other through blending. This is best done via uniform.

3. It kills criticism and discrimination
Uniforms can shut off judgments. As mentioned before, children wish to blend in with their peers. This is because they do not want to be criticized and discriminated. In schools, you will find people who are very much open about the fact that they make friends based on on the price tags their clothes have. In fact, according to our history, uniform policy was implemented somewhere in the 70s to stop violence related to designer clothes and gangs. What all this means is that normal clothes bring in judgments that children are scared of. To still push normal clothes on them, thus is nothing more than child abuse. Uniforms free them from this nasty thing.

4. Schools can free themselves from worries about certain clothes
Normal clothes do force schools to have policy on what students can wear. That is why, nationwide, they ban hats assuming them to be symbols of gangs. Teachers can have their own policy also right in their class rooms. We had a math teacher who actually threw t shirts at girls coming to his class in tank tops. None of them is necessary when uniform policy is implemented.

5. It saves money 
You can buy a few sets of uniforms and wear them for years. This way it is possible to save a lot on clothing. But that is not all. In today's time, schools are trying their best to make uniforms as affordable as possible.

6. It saves normal clothes from damages
The less one wears his favorite clothes the more he saves it from damages. Maybe most students understand this logic, but peer pressure ovrrides it. Those who are concerned about it will always find uniforms as the best shield. Good thing is that the schools around the world are now moving towards fabrics that are stain resistant. Plus in our country, schools are trying their best to make uniforms as affordable as possible.

7. It saves time
Uniform cuts the time needed to get ready. This means students get to sleep a little bit more in the morning or eat better breakfast.

8. It helps students focus on education
Once the worries about what to wear each day is gone, students finally get to actually study with much ease. Let’s remember children are sent to school for education.

9. It can clean up the image of the school in public
People interpret the quality of a school based on what uniform its students wear. There is no way to avoid it since media does cover news about schools. No student wants to be associated with the one that has bad reputation. They know uniform will get them identified. Because of that, it is likely for them to personally take precaution to not tarnish the name of their school. This can show up in the form of effort to maintain good grades and behave properly in public especially when they are still in their uniform. This is a win-win situation for both students and the school.

10. It keeps strangers out of school
In a school that has no uniform, employees are left to play detective to keep strangers out. Have you ever tried overhearing them? I did once after school. One employee went heavily confused about a guy who just entered the premise. She did not know what to do. She was suspicious that he was not from our school. But she could not just directly go to him. The solution she had was to ask other employees if they ever saw him there before. No one seemed interested in creating a scene for which they decided to just watch his moves. Something like this can be solved just by the simple introduction of uniform. Some people think that strangers can still get inside by wearing one. The truth is that nowhere school uniform is sold with easy access. Even the design is made distinct to prevent imitation.

11. It makes field trips easy to manage
Nobody wants to be lost, but it happens. Both teachers and students are aware of this. Detection is not simple especially when students are in their casual clothes near children of their age not belonging to the school. Surely, teachers can memorize all the faces, but that does not eliminate the danger of students losing their group in the crowd. This is where uniform works as the best secure option. Teachers no more have to memorize faces. They are free to focus on the main goal of the trip. And when some students are left behind they can manage to get inside the group again by tracking their classmates’ uniform.

12. It turns student body into a warm family
Uniform sends out the message to students that they are all part of a big family. Most friendships become lifelong. Even if you have a bad history with someone you just don’t find yourself continuing with it. In fact, even after graduation, you can’t cut off the attachment you will grow while in school.

13. Implementation is becoming more democratic
The mixture of technology, marketing and growing respect for students' taste has made implementation of uniform policy more democratc than ever. To design the uniform by keeping style in mind, schools can now easily get advice from designers. They can even directly approach Tommy Hilfiger. Moreover, many big stores now participate in the program for which students no more have to worry about their uniforms going out of stock. Ordering is possible online. Some schools now allow students to individually choose the fabric type they are comfortable with. 

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What Are the Disadvantages of Getting Committees?

Committees are not without their inherent problems as members are taken from several departments. Each of the people come with his/her own peculiar challenges. In short, committees have certain disadvantages. Some are listed below:

High cost: 

Committees may need a wide range of investigation reports to study the problem they are focusing on. Unfortunately, this investigation can be expensive because of the tools and manpower required to perform it. In some cases, selecting the committee member can require strict background check which can result in more spending.

Delay in decision making process:

Committees are notorious for taking too much time to come up with decisions. This can be because of the differences in views of members connected to their professional backgrounds or need for additional investigation on the problem they are to solve.  The end result of this is not having an agreement, delaying the decision.

Abuse of authority or position:

The democratic elements expected from the committee can be lost when individual committee members begin to push recommendations or outcomes to serve specific special interests.  For instance, in 1986, scholars, Michaels and Oliver asserted in Human Rights Consultation: A 12-Year Experience of a Pediatric Bioethics Committee that survey report connected to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh showed that its Human Rights committee occasionally established recommendations on ethical dilemmas pertaining to patients to appease the interest of either their physician colleagues or the hospital (pg.571). This simple explanation reveals that the members were well aware of how they could use their position to justify what suited the hospital. The recommendations they provided using it is a depiction of abuse of the position they were given, endangering the lives of the patients.


Michaels, R. H., & Oliver Jr., T. K. (1986). Human Rights Consultation: A 12-Year Experience of a Pediatric Bioethics Committee. Pediatrics, 78(4), 566-572.

What are the Advantages of Getting Committees?

Just like most groups, a committee consists of individuals. But traditionally, committee members are appointed by an organization because of their differing views and experiences which are expected to be utilized to perform specific functions.

Of course, these functions are predetermined by the organization, but the outcomes are likely to be unique and expected to be neutral and fair. Perhaps, this is the main reason why committees are built. But they definitely come with advantages as shown below:

Professional development and acquisition of leadership skills: 

Committee is a veritable forum for training and educating future and aspiring managers and supervisors. Working with the skilled members coming from a wide variety of professions help them widen their views and open to new possibilities. And when they are able to prove themselves as good decision makers they manage to send the signal to their employers of their potentials in leadership position. In brief, by serving within committees, the employees can learn and develop the ability to objectively and critically analyze, and solve organizational problems which later gives them the chance to climb the corporate ladder.

Facilitation of coordination: 

Participation in committee activities or meetings promotes mutual understanding between high brass administrators and their employees. In fact, committee meetings can be taken as an important tool supervisors can use to coordinate the activities of the organization because such meetings draw together employees and managers from different departments.  However, effective coordination via committee meetings requires the presence of important stakeholders. For example in a hospital where a health committee is established, such coordination according to a circular from British medical journal cannot be achieved unless the committee includes proper representation of the medical professionals from the relevant areas or fields.

Pooling of knowledge and experience: 

Since members for the committee are chosen from various departments, it becomes easy to see the problem they are working on from multi lenses. The recommendations they generate can have similar effect because of the diverse knowledge and experiences establishing how they would influence the different departments of the organization. This to us is a sign of enhanced decision-making process.

Liaison body:

At some point in an organization where decision made is likely to affect some group of employees, the company committee can stand in the gap as a mediator between the company and the employees to overcome pressure, resistance or actions that is capable of putting both the management and employees at loggerhead. For example in a company planning to lay-off some staff, the committee can help assuage any unpleasant reactions from the affected employees.

Improved employees morale and motivation:

Having representatives for employees in a committee serves as a morale booster and also helps  create in them a sense of belonging. Employees are eager to execute decisions made by an organization when they have participated actively in the decision making process.

Levels of Strategic Management

Let’s remind ourselves that the basic meaning of corporation is large company. How does it stay alive? By using strategic management consisting of levels as explained below.

Corporate level:
Corporate level strategies are associated with going beyond the established business of the corporation. They can be broad and completely dissimilar to what already is in place.

The objectives of these strategies can be related to:
- Cost effectiveness/return on investment
- Gaining or maintaining market share
- Looking for new markets
- System integration solutions

Corporate level strategies help a business stay competitive, make more money and defend itself from any industry level future crisis occurring as a result of recession, deprecated system or change in regulations.

Divisional level:
Divisional level strategies focus on specific businesses being done by the corporation. To put it another way, each business may have one dedicated entity going by the name of strategic business or strategic service unit to come up with the strategies which may include arranging new division for a chosen new market and making the existing division more efficient so it can stand out against its rivals in a specific market.

Divisional level can be taken as necessary because on the top, people may not have full knowledge and time needed to arrange a division.

Organizational level:
A division consists of multiple organizations. Their services need to flow in a way to make a division run smoothly and compete against rivals. How to do it is what organizational level strategies focus on. Do notice the word service used earlier. What this signals is that organizational level strategies are made for services already set through divisional level strategies.

Unit level:
An organization can have multiple units different from each other, but their collaboration brings in efficiency. It is not possible without what we can call as unit level strategies. To understand it better think about an organization in engineering field. One unit has engineers. Then there is another that has human resources. They can work together in the same building, but their objectives are not same. Human resources unit does not do engineering work. They focus on engineering unit’s salary, benefits, number of people needed, implementation of rules and regulations. This is made possible through unit level strategies and they are based on human resources contents. But yes, both the units have one single objective to keep the organization alive because that’s how they keep their own jobs alive as well.

As you can see, the strategy levels are connected to each other from top to bottom. It is not important to have this exact style in place though. One can live without the other, signaling we have the freedom to add or subtract any of them. Much depends on how knotty our corporation is business-wise. In general, the levels can certainly make broad strategies easier to implement.

Cool Free Stuffs for Students (2018)

If you are a student who does not take advantage of directions filled with free stuffs you are doing disservice to yourself.

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MLA Styled Template:
Sometimes professors will tell you that you must follow MLA format for your paper. You know quite well that manually focusing on that kills time. You don't want to be wrong either. Good news is that Microsoft now provides a completely formatted MLA template for free on their site. It is very detailed with instructions and examples.

All you have to do is simply plug in your stuffs to that template. Do remember after you do that you need to delete the square brackets or anything else not required by you. For instance, if you are not asked to include charts to your paper then in the template you delete the ones given by Microsoft. If your MS doc is older the template may not work. However, you can still copy the style example from it for your paper.

APA Styled Template (6th Edition):
APA style doesn't leave us alone. If you are used to MLA, that one is tricky. But relax, Microsoft provides template for that one also.

Memorization tool:
Good news, there is a memorization software available for free. It is called Anki. The best thing about this software is that it can help you memorize literally anything. The one we have below is made for windows. You can also get it for your android or iPhone.

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Book for quantitative and qualitative methods of research:
As you can see on this website, we spend a lot of time talking about research. What if you found all in one? This is where the book below comes in handy.

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Grammar Book:
Consider yourself lucky for coming here. You now have access to a grammar book used by even writers. Its name is The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Source for Every Writing Assignment by Susan Thurman. You really want to hold onto it even after you finish school. It has a good list of corrected commonly misspelled words.

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Three Way Stretch and Location Flexibility: Two Flexible work alternatives to Use in Businesses

What if work schedules spoke the language of emotions? We all have certain things in life which need more of our attention. But work does not let us go to them. This is not true in all cases though. Consider three-way stretch and location flexibility:

Three-way stretch

In this arrangement, employees are given a wide range of schedules to choose from and cross training, but at the same time they are required to do occasional direct site work. This happens to be the core employment rules of retail stores where managers are required to compromise with college going employees because of their unpredictable class schedules and exams. So in a way, these students benefit from it. They are able to have income while completing their degree.

Since malls and fast food places have gone ballistic, three-way stretch is now a tradition all across America. The disadvantage for employees, but good news for the manager is that job hours in such places are based on "peak time" and in many ways can be described as temporary.

If people suddenly decide to stay away from the business due to seasonal issues, one can be told to leave for the day or forever. Those who show extra effort are retained by the retail stores for years, hinting that these employees are being successful.

The disadvantage lies in the fact that three-way stretch flexibility cannot be offered to all employees, for this would compel the human resources department and manager to spend more time in creating schedules.

Location flexibility

Through this, the employee is allowed to work from home. Its another title is remote work. Many organizations such as Facebook, Dell, American Express and Aetna frequently use this arrangement. Small businesses which cannot afford leasing an office space can also find benefit from it. Location flexibility is dream come true for workers who have ride problem or like to stay at home.

Surprisingly, research shows that output from remote work is usually better because the employees give their best through it with the assumption that it is their only way to prove themselves to supervisors not directly overseeing them. But the organizations listed earlier are all tech savvy and this means that those who work through computers can be more successful at remote work. Despite having less money, small businesses do not always have the privilege to utilize the arrangement.

Government itself may limit the thing for them based on industry and typically due to safety concern.  Location flexibility has also gained bad reputation from scammers promising work at home jobs. This controversy makes it difficult for businesses to get their job ads taken seriously by job candidates.

Massive Welfare Program Luring People into ISIS: The Real Story

It seems the media hasn't done a good job of exposing why people who never met a Muslim in real life are accepting ISIS' invitation to an extreme version of Islam and then moving to Syria to wage jihad to create an already doomed caliphate. It isn't elementary to rationally justify that a gore side of a religion can quickly transform simple minded western folks into baddies of 120 days of Sodom.

In a strange turn of events, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the new national security adviser of Trump administration has made it clear that he isn't interested in scapegoating Islam to fight terrorism. In fact, he hates the term "radical Islamic terrorism". He says that the terrorists have changed the religion to fit it into their agenda. What he has mentioned should not be taken as some sort of politically correct statement. The answer to why people have been joining ISIS has always been sitting in front of us, but we have completely overlooked it by gluing our eyes to Islam.

Research confirms that financial benefits are at play, but how much of it would get someone to brutally kill those who don't agree with them while declaring that the world is in need of their extreme Islam? One single post by a female terrorist has the answer:
We will debunk her so called facts below