What Are the Disadvantages of Getting Committees?

Committees are not without their inherent problems as members are taken from several departments. Each of the people come with his/her own peculiar challenges. In short, committees have certain disadvantages. Some are listed below:

High cost: 

Committees may need a wide range of investigation reports to study the problem they are focusing on. Unfortunately, this investigation can be expensive because of the tools and manpower required to perform it. In some cases, selecting the committee member can require strict background check which can result in more spending.

Delay in decision making process:

Committees are notorious for taking too much time to come up with decisions. This can be because of the differences in views of members connected to their professional backgrounds or need for additional investigation on the problem they are to solve.  The end result of this is not having an agreement, delaying the decision.

Abuse of authority or position:

The democratic elements expected from the committee can be lost when individual committee members begin to push recommendations or outcomes to serve specific special interests.  For instance, in 1986, scholars, Michaels and Oliver asserted in Human Rights Consultation: A 12-Year Experience of a Pediatric Bioethics Committee that survey report connected to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh showed that its Human Rights committee occasionally established recommendations on ethical dilemmas pertaining to patients to appease the interest of either their physician colleagues or the hospital (pg.571). This simple explanation reveals that the members were well aware of how they could use their position to justify what suited the hospital. The recommendations they provided using it is a depiction of abuse of the position they were given, endangering the lives of the patients.


Michaels, R. H., & Oliver Jr., T. K. (1986). Human Rights Consultation: A 12-Year Experience of a Pediatric Bioethics Committee. Pediatrics, 78(4), 566-572.

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