Cool Free Stuffs for Students (2018)

If you are a student who does not take advantage of directions filled with free stuffs you are doing disservice to yourself.

In fact, you are jeopardizing your grades.

Don't do that foolish thing.

You are already paying high tuition fee. You don't want to bear more in burden. Think profit!

Reduce your expenses in other academic areas.

Reduce the time needed to do a paper by taking care of tiny, but hard things upon which some of your grades rest. Take advantage of what is given below.

MLA Styled Template:
Sometimes professors will tell you that you must follow MLA format for your paper. You know quite well that manually focusing on that kills time. You don't want to be wrong either. Good news is that Microsoft now provides a completely formatted MLA template for free on their site. It is very detailed with instructions and examples.

All you have to do is simply plug in your stuffs to that template. Do remember after you do that you need to delete the square brackets or anything else not required by you. For instance, if you are not asked to include charts to your paper then in the template you delete the ones given by Microsoft. If your MS doc is older the template may not work. However, you can still copy the style example from it for your paper.

APA Styled Template (6th Edition):
APA style doesn't leave us alone. If you are used to MLA, that one is tricky. But relax, Microsoft provides template for that one also.

Memorization tool:
Good news, there is a memorization software available for free. It is called Anki. The best thing about this software is that it can help you memorize literally anything. The one we have below is made for windows. You can also get it for your android or iPhone.

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Book for quantitative and qualitative methods of research:
As you can see on this website, we spend a lot of time talking about research. What if you found all in one? This is where the book below comes in handy.

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Grammar Book:
Consider yourself lucky for coming here. You now have access to a grammar book used by even writers. Its name is The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Source for Every Writing Assignment by Susan Thurman. You really want to hold onto it even after you finish school. It has a good list of corrected commonly misspelled words.

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