Valuable Resources for Survey Based Research

Surveys are a great window to understanding people's viewpoint, needs, wants and much more. In quantitative research, they say a lot just by some simple statistics. Surveys are not just helpful in marketing and sociology. Even healthcare and public administration have been finding immense benefits from them.

As the demand is going up, many tools of surveys are becoming commercial. These days, you may see that even the survey answers cost money. People will not answer until they are promised some kind of reward. That said, the traditional preliminary process has never been free. Think about questionnaire printing. At home, it is our printer giving away its valuable ink. Just for once, since our university got into a deal with Xerox, we were able to print ours for free.

The newest trend is to go online, but that too is accompanied by our credit card numbers. Majority of the sites facilitating the survey making ask for money. That is just the result coming from the demand of doing survey based research. Needless to say that such sites always make it to the top in Google results. For students, who find them tiring, there is still hope.

There are still two great sites that allow free survey forms and allow them to be used for unlimited number of days. One of them is called Google forms. It is slightly ancient for today's time. You will need to practice how to use it before you embark on your real project of making the questionnaire.

The second is eSurv which actually is the best for students. It has been kept free by the funds coming from educational and research institutions. The site is not just easy to use, but also has quite a good number of templates, color adjustment features and much more for questionnaire.
This is a simple description right from the site
After making the survey, you will need people to answer them. You can try emailing them to your classmates, but in my experience, they hardly ever take them. Facebook friends may turn out to be the same simply because most people don't want to let their weakness be known to their pals. Under such circumstances, something different is needed and that happens to be Reddit Sample Size which is designed mainly for getting survey answers.

Your participants there are not going to be the average people. Majority of them are either doctorate or masters students. They help one another get the answers. Others just love to take surveys for fun. This subreddit is highly moderated probably to keep it away from scammers' abuse. Researchers are required to format the title of their survey request using rules created by them. As you can see, above, it is important to mention what the survey is made for. Incorrect formatting gets the post deleted. Despite this, it must be noted that getting the surveys filled is guaranteed there. The members are also very polite. In some cases, if the questions do not seem to have the correct format they do not hesitate to point it out.

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