What is Policy Sciences of Tyranny?

Policy sciences of tyranny is connected to elite society formed from a mixture of high profiled elected officials, businesses and so called so called expert administrators. The main meaning of the term does revolve around oppression, but not in military sense. The idea is that when policies are made behind closed door, the government officials get freedom to manipulate them in a way that they serve mainly the elite society and not the general public. When we say closed door, we mean not allowing citizens to participate in the policy making process.

Both old public administration and new public management are prone to avoiding the voices of the citizens. Hence, they are more inclined to practicing policy sciences of tyranny sometimes without being aware. In real world, certain decisions taken by the government do fall the formula of this theory. After discussing them, we will head to the matter of why experts urge government to be scared of this theory.

Examples of Policy Sciences of Tyranny

  • Outsourced jobs: Bush administration made it easier. While the elite society benefited from it, the average citizens lost jobs.
  • Food and Drugs Administration's policy towards cosmetics: Cosmetics are not fully regulated by FDA. Much of the power is in the hands of the private industry. In fact, at present, FDA is still following a law made in 1938 for these specific products. Attempts have been made to get it revised, but somehow, they are always forced to be abandoned. Thus, safety of cosmetics remains a debate for citizens. They have no one to help.

Why Experts Ask Government to be Scared of It?

Although at this point, complete elimination of old public administration and new public management is not possible, government is recommended to lessen the impact of this theory. The reasons are:
  • Citizens lose trust in government.
  • Increase in crime rate. Both rich and poor may contribute to it.
  • Too much power goes in the hands of the elite society which at one point can make the government crippled.
  • Public outrage changing into revolution. This is a serious matter. A revolution can dethrone the government.

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