Top 8 Ways to Save Laptop and Hard Drive Space

These days doing a class without a laptop or notebook is almost out of question. Almost all students require one, for many professors and even teachers are now using blackboard and prefer papers to be written using Microsoft Word. In some classes, software download is necessary. Moreover, saving notes on a hard drive instead of in paper format is far more convenient. But a hard drive has limited space and sometimes the laptop goes bad. Both are nightmare for the students. Good news is that there are other ways to save both. Here are some of them:

1. Try to utilize flash drives: Flash drives do go bad and even can be lost. So try to use them as temporary cushion to save the hard drive. To do this, no matter what program you need, always search for its portable version. This way you don't have to make your hard drive lose space or laptop bear abuse. The portable version can be installed easily on the flash drive and used from any computer. 

2. Dedicate an email address just to notes: Gmail is the most chosen one here simply because it gives more space while showing less tantrum. So make an email address over there and at the semester end, send your notes to it. Don't share this address with anyone. This is the way to unburdening the flash drive. You will not have to worry about it getting lost either. Keep the email address exclusively for the notes. Sometimes unused programs can also be stored there in zipped form. How about Microsoft Skydrive? That is not bad. However, the service of the company is not so reliable. 

3. For writing notes in the class, use Google Docs online: This is extremely beneficial in the sense that this application will not require you to hit save button each time you are done typing your notes. You don't even have to use your hard drive space for it.

4. Use a voice recorder: This is far more convenient than typing the notes. However, whether you will be able to use it depends on the permission of the professors. Some of them do not like their lectures to be recorded. 

5. Make use of school computers: Try writing your papers using school computers as much as you can. They are in the library and lab for a reason.

6. Don't keep too many pictures, videos and music on your laptop: They eat up a huge amount of space on hard drive. Put them somewhere else. A laptop, flash drive or portable hard drive which you will not be using for work can be a good solution. Make an effort to delete the ones you do not require anymore. 
7. Go for CCleaner: This is an application designed to remove useless files from the computer. It is available in portable format and that means you can run it from your flash drive. Its free version does a good job.

8. Have an optional cheap laptop or notebook: eBay is home to many used laptops and notebooks. Some are priced below $100. Get one for yourself. Abusing one will not make you regret much unless you get too attached to it. 

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