Enable Audio in Your PDF to Make it Read Your Notes

PDF reader of most versions has audio feature. If you happen to be a Vista user you will not see the Speak command attached to your Word Document. Under such circumstances, you can convert your document to PDF to make it listenable.

If you find it missing in the one you own right now you can download the latest version from here. Audio feature comes with all free PDF readers.

 Now lets find how to enable it. There are two methods. We will first go to the long one. If you don't have time scroll down to method 2. For demonstration purpose, this article has been converted into PDF. Feel free to do the same if you don't have a file in that format. Now here are the steps to get to audio function:

Method 1
1. Open the PDF.

2. Click View. From its menu, first go to Read Aloud and then click Activate Read Out Loud.

3. Doing this will not make the PDF to start reading. Instead you have to click the line you want it to be read. You can also click an entire paragraph. You can see that the click creates a black border around the chosen line.

4. If you want an entire page or file to be read then choose any of the options given after Deactivate Read Out Loud.

Method 2
In the last screenshot, look at all the keyboard shortcuts present next to each Read Out Loud option. What this means is that we can override the Method 1 simply by using them. So to activate the audio feature without clicking View simply choose Shift+CTRL+Y from your keyboard. Memorizing the other shorts given above in the screenshot will help you get to other options like Read This Page Only and Read to End Document.

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