Enable Audio in Your Word Document to Make it Read Your Notes

Both Microsoft Word and PDF reader have audio feature. If you just hate reading notes coming from them then you should utilize it. Audio feature is available in Microsoft Word 2007 to 2016 versions. Don't have it? As a university student, you maybe eligible to get Office 365 for free. Use your university email address here to see if you can get it. Let's now get to enabling the audio feature. Two methods are available for this. 2007 Word users have to scroll down to method 2. One thing that must be noted is that by following this same tutorial, you will be able to make your Powerpoint, Excel and most of other programs that come with Office speak. Excel has many other options like audio for columns and rows. Things can't get much easier than this for the lazy eyes.

Method 1
Step1. First open Word

Step2. Open a new document
Step3. Left click FILE. 
Step4. Now you are going to see the blue menu window from which you would pick Options.
Step5. A new window would pop up. From this, click Quick Access Toolbar.
Step6. You would be now see the options below. From this, choose Command Not in the Ribbon.

Step7. Underneath it, you will see many commands arranged through A to Z. Scroll down to S to look for Speak. Click it. After this, click Add.
8. Hit OK.
9. Now you will be taken back to your Word document. Over here, you will find the new command with the icon of speech bubble and arrow.
10. To test it, feel free to copy words from this page to paste to your Word Document. The pasting would make the command alive. Highlight the Word sentences and click this Speak command to do its task of speaking.

Method 2
1.Open the Word and click the downward arrow situated next to redo icon on the left. After this, choose More Commands.

2. Now follow step 5 to 10 given under Method 1.

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