Difference between Marketing Executive and Sales Executive

Marketing often is thought to be synonym of selling. Even some job descriptions seem to display this inaccuracy. Certainly, both are driven by the business degree, but their focuses are not the same. If we look at what the executive of each does the differences will become quite visible.

1. When it comes to selling the products a marketing executive is interested in maximizing the profit. Meanwhile, the key responsibility of the sales executive is the quantity to sell mainly to maximize the rewards such as commission.

He may also be required by the company to sell in a way that he hits a specific revenue target.

2. The marketing executive draws plans on how to satisfy the need of the consumer not just through the product, but also information surrounding it. The sales executive's position here is narrow. He becomes one of the segments of the plans by communication the information about the product to make sure the consumer buys it.


3. Marketing executive does broad research on consumers and new trends to extract opportunities and keep eye on threats which then he must use to optimize the marketing strategy of his company with the sole purpose of improving the life of their products in the market. Sales executive, on the other side, is interested in selling now and not tomorrow. This means, for him, the current product is the main project,

4. The strategy of the sales executive deals with individual consumers whereas marketing executive deals with a wide variety of market segments based on demographic, culture, locations and much more.

5. The work of the marketing executive is highly technical. Market research is something that needs to be learned. The sales executive, on the other side of the line, must be verbally active so he may successfully allow the customers to build a relationship with the company and its products.

6. By now, it should be clear that much of the work of a sales executive is connected directly to the main field of the consumers. Meanwhile, the marketing executive is often busy interacting with those in the company to optimize the marketing strategies. In brief, he is more locked up behind the desk.

7. Whether a marketing strategy is working can be easily figured out by the number of leads generated by the sales executive. So his information can easily be helpful to the marketing executive.

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