What is Evolutionary Strategic Change?

When the term is broke we get:
Evolutionary: Continues slow progress
Strategic change: Carefully planned move or shift


The evolutionary strategic change is what happens when new strategic directions come right in front of the eyes of management due to unpredictable things taking place in the environment. The process is rather slow and the strategies come one at a time in an ongoing basis.

It is all about continues modification of the technical sides of the business to make it positively adjust to the changing environment with the intention of helping the main strategy of the organization survive and succeed.In short, it is usually worth the effort.

Fitting management into the picture

Evolutionary strategic change does not occur in vacuum. The management, in point of fact, must attempt it by showing the willingness to learn and recognize the need for change in the strategies of the business operations. To put it another way, the approach requires auditing of those that are already deployed to see if they are going in flow and an openness to a wide variety of ideas coming from the employees because they are the ones responsible for the operations. They all have to work together despite being from different departments. Therefore, there is a need for culture in the organization which fosters the drive for evolutionary strategic change.

Example of Evolutionary Strategic Change

  • Upgrading of equipment to make the performance of workers efficient enough to respond to demands of the market quickly
  • Making use of fresh new technology of the world to reach out to customers
Think about the craze for apps
  • Gradual improvement of customer service
  • Fixing of uneven strategies of the ongoing operations

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